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In Kindergarten, we work on the importance of routines, scheduling, and cooperation to guide us through our busy day of learning.  Our mornings begin with prayer, pledge, and greeting.  We then move on to our morning meeting where we learn calendar skills, weather charting, tracking numbers to 100, and finding patterns in numbers.  Our straw tally helps us keep track of the number of days in school, while teaching the concrete concept of regrouping numbers.  The morning message tells us what to expect for the day's activities.


In the afternoon we concentrate on mathematics, science, and social studies skills using a variety of hands on activities and manipulatives.  A favorite activity for the students starts with a science unit on animals, which leads to a study on dinosaurs and how we've come to know so much about them.  We then create a one of a kind prehistoric paper mache dinosaur pinata.  The dinosaur is made as our class project for the school auction in March.


Our mornings are dedicated to Language Arts where we use a variety of hands-on materials and activities to learn the letter name to letter sound association.  We work on the correct formation for writing upper case and lower case letters.  Later in the year, this will help us to write words and start journal writing.  Language Arts also includes the use of whole language, phonics, and sight words to help the children gain understanding and meaning of the English language.


The students in Kindergarten also participate in Music, Art, Physical Education, Elementary French, and Library classes weekly.

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