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Social Studies

Social Studies in the elementary school concentrates on good citizenship, neighborhood maps, and the how's and why's of our special holidays.


Social Studies in Grades 3 & 4 explores the regions of the U.S., studying the history, economy, and culture of each area.  Grade 4 specifically focuses on the State of New Hampshire.  Students learn about Colonial history, state government, and the physical features and regions of our state.

Grade 5 – World History – Students learn how early peoples grew from hunters/gathers into the great ancient civilizations of the world.  Ancient civilizations include: Mesopotamia, Egypt/Nubia, China, India/Persia, Mesoamerica, Greece, Rome, Byzantine/Arabia. 

Grade 6 – Geography – Students explore the countries of the world-- learning about the various physical features, climates, languages, governments, religions, and cultures.  

Grade 7 – American History – Part I begins with European exploration of the Americas through the Civil War.  

Grade 8 – American History – Part II continues from Reconstruction of the South into current times.  

During the week of Finals, our gymnasium becomes a living museum for our school community.  

7th graders research a topic of historical importance within American history for exhibition.
8th graders become an American-born historical figure for all to visit.