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World Languages

World languages are an important component of learning in the middle grades and give students the gift of access to more people, perspectives, ideas, and experiences.  Learning new languages boosts brain development, bridges cultural connections, and opens minds to our global community.

Elementary French is scheduled with once per week for students to have an introduction to the language and to become familiar with French culture.

French and Spanish in our Middle School are four-year courses that meet daily.  Fifth and sixth grade students learn the language through action, activities, games, and storytelling.  In this exploratory program, students begin developing the linguistic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in French and Spanish.  Emphasis is placed on basic introductory and conversational vocabulary as well as cultural aspects of the past and contemporary Francophone and Spanish-speaking world. Seventh and eighth grade students engage in a rigorous academic program with focus on basic grammatical structures and vocabulary development as well as cultural elements.  This program provides a firm foundation for their high school language courses. 

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