The Beginning Band helps students acquire a basic level of proficiency on a performing musical instrument.  Students are given group lessons once a week based upon the specific instrument they are learning.  The Beginning Band also meets once a week as a group to learn the basics of playing as part of an ensemble.  Students are taught the following components:
    1.  Proper posture and breathing skills.
    2. Instrument appropriate technical skills.
    3. Proper intonation and tone quality.
    4. Music reading and rhythmic skills.
    5. Performance skills

The Beginning Band performs at the Christmas Pageant and the Spring Concert.  

CURRICULUM- Band Expressions Book One
GRADING- students are graded on an A-F system at the ends of 2nd and 4th quarters.  Grades are based on musical development, participation, cooperation, effort.


The Advanced Band helps students acquire a higher level of proficiency on their respective instruments.  Students are given sectionals with like instruments once a week.  The Advanced Band meets as a group twice a week.  Students in Advanced Band learn a variety of performance styles including Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Marching Band.  In 2015 the advanced band performed at UMASS band day.

The Advanced Band performs at local fall parades, the Christmas Pageant, Grandparents Day, Keene High School Jazz Invitational, the Spring Concert, and the all-school Memorial Day assembly at St. Joseph Cemetery.