Elementary Science classes  follow the hand-on science curriculum laid out by Nancy Larson.  Please see the link below for more information.

Middle school science at Saint Joseph’s focuses on major areas of science over a four year period- Earth and Space Science, Biology/Life science, and Physical Science (Physics and Chemistry).

Classes are a blend of inquiry, discovery and traditional instruction and include laboratory activities. 

Grade 5 studies are based in the areas of Earth Space and Life Science.  Life science studies include basic concepts in ecology such as the movement of energy through an ecosystem and how organisms interact in an ecosystem, organism structure- animal and plant cells, how organisms grow, develop and reproduce (mitosis).   Earth Space science ideas introduced include seasons; eclipses and tides; constellations; geologic time; volcanoes and plate tectonics; natural resources; and weather. 

Grade 8 students study Biology, starting with ecological relationships; biochemical basics; cells and cell processes; genetics; history of living things; and human body systems. In Grade 8 students are also introduced to formal lab reports and scientific writing.  

Grade 6 students focus on Physical Science – an introduction to chemistry and physics.  After a review of measurement and laboratory safety, we begin units on Matter; Chemical Properties; Energy; Motion and Forces; Simple Machines; Waves; and Electricity and Magnetism.

Grade 7 students focus on Earth and Space Science.  A portion of the year is spent on “Space”; studying Earth’s place in space and Sun-Earth-Moon relationships; life-cycles of stars; and types of galaxies.  The majority of the year focuses on “Earth” science; studying types of maps and coordinate systems; earth materials and surficial processes; plate tectonics; and weather and climate.