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Our Library

The SJRS school Library just underwent a complete renovation and reorganization in 2020, and contains a wonderful collection of over 6,000 volumes of books and reference materials.  It continues to be a hub of activity within our building and a comfortable, welcoming space where students enjoy spending time.

We work hard to update our collections as well as maintain the classics.  Over 1,000 books have been added to the Library recently, and we have also gathered a small group of DVDs for movies that can supplement some books.

We have more than 2,500 picture books, easy readers and early chapter books for younger students.  Non-fiction for the older students total over 2,200 titles, while offerings in fiction total over 1,400.  Over 150 Caldecott and Newbery award and honor books are part of the collection. 

Many book acquisitions are made based on recommendations by faculty, student interest, and need to expand offerings in certain subject areas. Our goals with the Library include fostering the love of reading, satisfying students' desires to expand their knowledge in a particular topic, and aiding the faculty in specific areas of curriculum development.

Our Elementary students have 30 minutes of Library time each week built into their schedule, as they learn about book care and Library protocol, along with having story time to introduce them to different genres and authors.  Third and fourth grade students also learn the Dewey Decimal System to prepare them to become independent researchers in Middle School.  The Middle School students utilize the Library on a regular basis as a resource center for reports and projects.

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