There are over 6,000 volumes in our library, four current magazine subscriptions, a nearly complete set of National Geographic magazines, and an archive of maps and other reference materials. 

The collection is routinely evaluated for usefulness and relevance toward the needs of the students and faculty. Condition, timeliness, and demand are considered in maintenance of the collection. 

There are over 2,000 “picture” books and early readers for the younger students, 600 of which are non-fiction. Non-fiction for the older students total over 2,200 titles, while offerings in fiction total over 1,400. 

Over 150 Caldecott and Newbery award and honor books are part of the collection.

Many acquisitions are made based on recommendations by faculty, student interest, and need to expand offerings in certain subject areas. Goals include fostering the love of reading, satisfying students' desires to expand their knowledge in a particular topic, and aiding the faculty in specific areas of curriculum development.

Donations of books are welcome. Any donation that cannot be used in the library will be offered to classroom teachers first, then to students, and, if there is no interest, will be donated to local book sales or recycled. Cash donations are always gratefully accepted.