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Our Mission

The mission of Saint Joseph Regional

School is to empower students to grow as

informed, inspired, compassionate souls. 

We are guided by our philosophy and values

as follows.

Our Philosophy and Values


We believe in Catholic Education that is centered in the Spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

We believe that our heritage in the Monadnock region gives us a faith-filled view of our school, of life, and of our mission.

We believe that together, the Saint Joseph Regional School and Our Lady of Mercy Academy communities of parents, students, and teachers share a common vision---one formed by the compassionate message of the Gospel.  We affirm the values of high academic standards, responsibility, service, community, and worship.

Because of our belief in high academic standards, we teach for a mastery of the basic learning skills by challenging students to use and develop their talents to the fullest.

Because of our belief in responsibility, we encourage our students to work both independently and cooperatively with others in a respectful manner.

Because of our belief in service, we teach our students to be aware of the needs of others and to reach out and help them.

Because of our belief in community, we choose to be a compassionate people who care for one another and to create a family atmosphere in our school.

Because of our belief in worship, we celebrate our personal commitment to Jesus Christ in prayer, in song, in liturgies, in the sacraments, and in religious instruction.

Realizing the beauty of our God-given identity, relatedness and purpose, we strive to form each student into a young adult, responding to those needs by being:

  • A Hope-Filled Person

  • A Person Who Emulates Christ’s Love to All People

  • A Whole Person

  • A Responsible Person

  • An Enthusiastic Person

  • A Wise Person

  • A Compassionate Person

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