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Manie Musicale

April 2022

Grade 5

Manie Musicale is a program initiated by French teachers in Maine, to encourage students to have fun while learning French. It is modeled on the "March Madness" of the NCAA basketball playoffs, and is designed to engage students learning French by listening to French music videos and voting for their favorites. Students in French class listen to and talk about the 16 songs that are in the "brackets" for the competition, and then predict which artists and songs will win. 

This year, Manie Musicale includes participation from 3,395 schools from around the world, including schools from all 50 States and Washington, DC in the USA, and from Canada, Cameroon, Malaysia, Germany and other African, Asian and European countries. 

Manie Musicale also organizes competitions by students in several categories of singing and dancing. A group of five fifth grade French students created a dance video and entered their video recording in the dance competition. Several students from 7th and 8th grade French classes volunteered to coach the 5th graders with the choreography.  

There were 49 entries in the Dance competition, including many by older students - and our St Joseph students won second prize!  They will be receiving gifts from the Manie Musicale organization to celebrate their win.

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