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2023 Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser



1ST QUARTER -- Jennifer DiNubila Morrison

HALFTIME -- Jay Dunnell

3RD QUARTER -- Jennifer DiNubila Morrison

FINAL -- Daryl Watterson

Welcome to SJRS/OLMA Super Bowl Squares 2023!


This is a traditional Super Bowl squares fundraiser with a 50/50 split -- half to SJRS/OLMA and half to the winners!  100 squares for sale (10x10 grid).  $25 per square.   

Once all squares of the grid are filled, the axis numbers (0 to 9) for the AFC/NFC teams will be randomly generated before the Super Bowl to finalize the grid, and posted to the online grid and on the SJRS/OLMA website/social media. The axis numbers represent the last digits of each team’s score at the end of each quarter. At the end of each quarter of the game, the last digit of both teams' score is compared to the grid to determine a winner. The person whose square corresponds with the intersection of the second digit of each team’s score wins (for example, a 14–7 score at the end of the first quarter pays out to the owner of the square at row 4, column 7).

Winners will be emailed and also announced on this page, the grid website, and

the SJRS/OLMA Facebook/Instagram on February 12, 2023, during the Super Bowl game!


1st quarter - $150

Halftime - $325

3rd quarter - $150

Final score - $625


1. Enter your name, email and picks here:

Simply pick your square(s) by clicking on the grid. 

2. Pay for your square(s). PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2023, or your square(s) will go back up for sale. Please note that payments are NOT made through the squares website. You may make your payment of $25 per square by:

       Cash or check (payable to SJRS or OLMA) given to the Main Office
       Venmo -- Saint Joseph Regional School (@stjosephregionalschool)
       Credit card (scroll down below)

*This event is determined by the Super Bowl live score on February 12, 2023. If the 4th quarter score is tied, the final quarter winner will be based on the final overtime score instead. If the Super Bowl game is cancelled for any other reason, box numbers 1 to 100 will be used instead in a live draw to determine the 4 winners. If the 1st quarter, halftime, or 3rd quarter winning square is unsold, the prize money for that quarter will roll over and be included in the next quarter. If the final score's winning square is unsold, all sold square numbers will be used in a live drawing to determine the final score winner.

**Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

***If all squares sell out quickly, we might open a second grid. Stay tuned!***

If you have any questions, please email Jen Marshall at

GOOD LUCK to everyone!

Super Bowl Squares logo.jpg

Thank you for your support of SJRS/OLMA! 

Pay for your squares by credit card here! --->

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