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SJRS Suncatcher Ornaments

As part of our year-end Annual Fund campaign, we have these beautiful glass suncatchers available for purchase for $25 each throughout the month of December.

The suncatcher makes a perfect gift this Christmas for an alum, parent or grandparent.  They can be hung in a window year round, and can also be used as a Christmas tree ornament.  We have a limited number of these special suncatchers, so be sure to order soon! 


The suncatchers are hand-pressed out of recycled glass, and made locally at Old Hancock Glassworks in Antrim, New Hampshire.

This purchase supports the SJRS Annual Fundstrengthening the school by providing classroom resources, arts, facility improvements, field trips, and extracurricular activities.  

Your support is crucial to advancing our mission and helps to give Saint Joseph Regional School its strong tradition in Catholic education focused around academic excellence, service, family and faith!


Approximately 3 inches in diameter.

Thank you for your support of SJRS! 

To purchase and/or donate:

1.  Choose 1 or 2 suncatchers.

2.  Do you wish to add an additional donation?  Choose CUSTOM AMOUNT instead and input the amount of your suncatcher(s) plus your donation. Click "Write us a comment" and tell us the number of suncatchers that you are ordering.  Then click Next.

3.  Suncatchers will be available for pickup at SJRS.  Would you prefer that your suncatcher be shipped to you or to someone as a gift?  Be sure to include the shipping name, address and any additional instructions.  Then click Next.

4.  If you wish to donate to the Annual Fund only, skip the above steps and simply enter your gift in CUSTOM AMOUNT.  Then click Next.

Thank you!

For questions or to purchase by cash or check contact:

Jen Marshall

603-352-2720 x504

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