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Destination Imagination and Rising Stars

Creativity has the power to change the world. Becoming part of a team is a life-changing experience. Our world’s future depends on extraordinary problem solvers.

Four of our DI teams have been successful enough to compete at the Global Finals over the past few years.

sjrs winners 2023.jpg

Children in Pre-K through 1st Grade may join the SJRS Rising Stars Team.

Students in 2nd – 8th grade can start a team using the checklist below.    

-Talk to your friends about making a DI team.
-Talk to your parents and ask for permission to make/join a DI team *
-Find a DI Team Challenge you want to solve.
-Find 2 adults willing to be your Team Managers (that’s DI for “coach”).
-Turn in your signed DI permission slip
-Start meeting! Your team picks how often you meet, where, and what you do. 
-Adults are NOT permitted to tell you how to solve your Team Challenge!
-After months of preparation, your team will present your Team Challenge solution at the regional meet at Monadnock Regional High School.


Destination ImagiNation is a program in which student teams solve open-ended DI Team Challenges and present their solutions at Tournaments.

DI features teams of up to seven participants each. Participants range in age from kindergarteners through university-level students, with an adult Team Manager helping along the way.

The DI program at SJRS is managed by Mrs. Kuhn and Miss Reekie.

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